Investment Plans



Investments provide secured and stable life for the future. Secured investments gives secured and good returns.

Fixed Deposit


Deposits are taken for fixed period. The interest rate is higher when compared to all the other Financial Institutions. Interest can be obtained at the end of the period or on monthly basis. Premature withdrawal is also possible with a small penalty.

Monthly Interest Scheme(MIS)
If amount is deposited on MIS the interest is given on monthly basis. Suppose if you deposit Rs.100000 you will get an interest of RS.875 monthly.

Recurring Deposit

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It is a special type of deposit which enables the fixed income group to save certain fixed amount regularly for a stipulated period. The deposits earns compound interest on quarterly basis.

One can deposit Rs.100 every month for a certain period and can earn higher rate of interest than the savings account.

Savings Account


It is the amount deposited for future expenses. One can deposit and withdraw money at anytime from this account.